CDPR Startup Fund

The Vision

The mission of the Center for Deep Political Research, Inc. is to provide the premier venue for journalists and researchers dedicated to the dissemination of existing and new research in counter-measure to official versions of Deep State-orchestrated events.

The Background

Though CDPR's founding board is comprised of a number of notable names in the realm of deep political research, its members are merely everyday citizens who chose to answer an extraordinary and worthy calling. In doing so, these "Searchers"  have pursued the truth in Deep State-orchestrated crimes from the JFK /MLK /RFK assassinations to the scandals of Watergate, Iran-Contra, and beyond. As a result of their many decades of research, and the publishing of critical works on these controversial cases, these noble few have suffered countless personal and professional attacks; often times, at the cost of their own careers. Nonetheless, they, and so many others just like them, have continued to stay the course.  

The Ask

After years of spending their own limited time and capital to attend conferences, perform archival research, and self-produce films and literary works, in counter-measure to these Deep State-orchestrated cover stories, CDPR's core group has sought to reach out to the general public for help in making this unique vision a reality. Specifically, they are seeking donations (presently NON tax-exempt) that will go directly towards the payment of fees associated with the state and federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit application processes. 

(Note: Any additional monies received by the Center for Deep Political Research, Inc. will be used to assist our leadership team with meeting day-to-day operational costs.)

Contributions to the CDPR Startup Fund can be made via GoFundMe.


Team CDPR thanks you in advance for investing in the Center for Deep Political Research, as we work to pursue Truth and Justice in these high crimes of the past, present, and most assuredly, the future.